Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs can I get with a Management degree?

Students commonly choose careers in leadership, human resources, or entrepreneurship leading eventually to executive roles. You can see details of various management occupations at

Are there any concentrations I can take as a Management major?

Beginning in Fall 2017 students can choose a concentration in Human Resources (HR).

Where can I go for help in finding a place to live off campus?

BullsGuide is your best resource for USF apartments and USF housing off campus.

When is it the best time to purchase books?

As soon as you register for a course go to the on-campus bookstore and see if they already have the book available for that particular class.

Should I purchase a meal plan at USF?

All first year students in college who are residing on campus are required to select a meal plan prior to moving into their residence hall or on-campus apartment. View more information on purchasing meal plans.

How often should I check my USF e-mail?

At least once a day. Most professors communicate with students via e-mail regarding such things matters as assignments, quizzes, exams, and so on.

How can I add a second major?

You should immediately schedule an appointment with your Advisor.

Is the MyUSF Mobile App useful and if so, should I download it?

Yes, you should download the application. It is extremely useful to help you stay abreast of USF matters that may be of interest to you.

What are FKLs and are they important to your success?

FKLs stands for "Foundation of Knowledge and Learning". Almost all colleges have some kind of general education requirements. Here at USF, the general education courses have been renamed as the Foundations of Knowledge and Learning, or FKLs. These are basic courses that the institution has designated as being the foundation of the knowledge needed to be an educated and aware person. For public schools like USF, the State typically identifies a subset of the general education requirements that are required for every student completing an Associate's degree or Bachelor's degree. Get more information on the FKLs.

How do I access student tickets for USF events?

Students can register online through the student ticket link.

Where can I go to look for jobs on campus?

Career Services at USF advertises a variety of both, off-campus and on campus jobs. Please see  Also, the Collier Student Success Center in the Muma College of Business has career and internship resources.

Where do I go for information on scholarships?

USF Muma College of Business is proud to award nearly $300,000 in scholarships each year. The Muma College of Business reviews applications for scholarships submitted through the university's STARS system. In 2014-2015, over 25,500 of our students received financial aid. In addition, USF has one of the lowest tuition rates in the country. View more on Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Are online classes available for freshmen?

Online classes are available to all students at USF. Get more information.

Are there any adverse consequences to dropping classes?

The decision about whether or not to drop a class is an academic issue; however, it is your responsibility to understand the financial implications of this decision. Dropping classes may jeopardize future student aid eligibility, including scholarships & student loans. Get more information.