Offered on all campuses
The accounting minor is available to all undergraduate Muma College of Business students (except those majoring in accounting).


Offered on all campuses
The business analytics and information systems minor is available to all undergraduate business students (except those majoring in business analytics and information systems).


Offered on all campuses
This is an interdisciplinary entrepreneurship minor available to USF business and industrial engineering majors (other majors should take the entrepreneurship and innovation minor for non-business and non-industrial engineering majors).


Offered on all campuses
The finance minor provides an opportunity for non-finance students to gain additional knowledge and analytical skills in finance. This knowledge and these skills are certain to help students broaden their career path.


Offered on Sarasota-Manatee and St. Petersburg campuses
This minor is open to students from all colleges.

Hospitality Management

Offered on all campuses
The mission of the Hospitality Management Minor is to empower the students to describe and analyze the sectors of the hospitality and tourism industry.


Offered on all campuses
The minor in international business provides business students the opportunity to study international topics related to finance, global information systems, management, marketing, and global perspectives. This minor prepares students to work in an internationally diverse work force or employment abroad.


Offered on St. Petersburg campus
The USF Muma College of Business, in conjunction with the USF College of Arts and Sciences, offers a legal studies minor that is open to all USF students. The minor in legal studies provides students with real law for the real world.


Offered on all campuses
The management minor provides an introductory understanding to non-management business majors about the theories and practices of management. Students will be familiarized with the tools and techniques that managers use to plan, organize, lead people and processes in organizations.


Offered on all campuses
The marketing minor is as excellent complement to all other business majors. All business majors will be challenged as they are challenged to develop and grow client bases, communicate and promote products and services to relevant target audiences, build distribution efficiencies, invest in cutting edge product development and understand critical marketing research. A minor in marketing can help any business major develop and implement these critical competitive advantages and set themselves apart from their peers.

Real Estate

Offered on Tampa campus  (starting in Fall, 2024)
The real estate minor is an excellent complement to all business majors (other majors should take the real estate minor for non-business majors).  This minor provides an opportunity for students to position themselves to take advantage of the substantial workforce demand for professional real estate careers in the Tampa area.  As the world’s largest asset class, real estate offers an enormous variety of career options that are exciting, high-paying, and personally rewarding.
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Offered on Sarasota-Manatee campus
The risk management and insurance minor is available to all undergraduate business students ( except those majoring in risk management and insurance).