General Requirements

The Muma College of Business has many upper-level, limited access programs, which means that they have admission requirements in addition to those of USF in general. Students interested in pursuing a degree in the areas with limited access offered by the Muma College of Business must complete the required prerequisites.

Requirements for Admission to the Muma College of Business

  1. Students must satisfy the following criteria:
    1. Minimum of 60 credit hours of college credit earned.
    2. Minimum of 2.5 cumulative grade point average on all college-level work and a minimum of 2.0 on all credit attempted at USF, including any prior to renewal.

      NOTE: Students transferring to USF with 60 or more transferrable credits must have all state mandated prerequisites successfully completed before entering USF. Students transferring to USF at the lower level are expected to be on track for completing their pre-requisites by the time they reach 60 hours and will be evaluated for progression eligibility.  

    3. Completion of the following State Mandated Common Prerequisites (or equivalents) with a grade of C- or higher in each course and an overall 2.0 GPA:

      1. * ACGX021/ACG X022 Financial Accounting (or ACG X001 & ACG X011)
      2. * ACGX071 Managerial Accounting (or X301)
      3. CGSX100 Computers in Business (or acceptable substitute such as CGS X100C, CGS X530, CGS X570, CGS X531, CGSX0000, MAN X812)
      4. ECOX013 Principles of Macroeconomics
      5. ECOX023 Principles of Microeconomics
      6. MACX233 Elementary Calculus or MAC 2230
      7. STAX023 Introductory Statistics or QMB X100 (or STAX122 although STA X023 and QMB X100 are preferred).

        * accounting majors must earn a C (not C-) in ACG 2021 & 2071

        Note: All students entering USF for the first time in Fall 2017 or later, who subsequently earn three (3) D and/or F grades in any or any combination of the State Mandated Common Pre-requisites (or equivalents) listed above at USF will be required to change their major to a major more appropriate to their goals and academic performance and to a major not conferred by the Muma College of Business.

    4. In computing entry grade point average all business and economics courses taken for S or U grades will be converted to C or F, respectively.
  2. Students working toward meeting the limited access criteria will be permitted to enroll in all foundation courses in Business (except GEB 4890) provided they have completed 60 credit hours, a minimum of 2.4 overall GPA, and have met course prerequisites.
  3. A minimum score of 550 on paper and pencil or 213 on computerized TOEFL is required, when applicable.
  4. Students must be admitted to the Muma College of Business at least one term before their anticipated graduation date.