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Healthy Culture Crew

CBCS provides extraordinary education and conducts highly respected research related to health and wellness. Throughout the professional field of behavioral and community and general population we are known and recognized for creating sustainable healthy communities.  The hard work we encounter, issues and concerns we challenge to find effective alternatives to address for others may occasionally leave little to no time for our own self-care practices.  We are a workforce dedicated of employees continuously striving to problem solve and promote systems change to enhance the health and wellness of others quality of life.

The Healthy Culture Crew is a CBCS employee focused effort to promote a culture of health and wellness practices among the CBCS workforce.  The Crew are CBCS employees who share health and wellness strategies that may be implement throughout the workday.  Examples of some of the health and wellness strategies include encouragement to take the stairs, active desk chair-zercise, stretches and deep breathing practice when taking the elevator, eat healthy snack options, take walks, practice yoga, try an array of healthy recipes, and practice mindfulness throughout the day.  All of these and much more promotes well-being and helps us create our healthy workplace culture.

The Crew meets once a month to share ideas and coordinate content for a monthly online newsletter disseminated to subscribers within our CBCS family of employees. 

Once a month, members of the Crew personally meet and greet new employees to welcome them into the CBCS family with a welcome package. We know that starting a new job is inherently stressful so we provide some helpful tips to handling stress in a new job. We ensure new employees are aware of our USF benefits through MagellanHealth and how to access it for them and their family exclusive access to the latest health and wellness information as well as online resources and assistance for a wide variety of personal, family and work-related concerns.  They receive the current schedule of group walks, yoga, and much more. 

During the beginning of the Fall semester of each year, the Crew participates in the annual CBCS Faculty Orientation to meet and greet with a welcome package.

As a CBCS employee, you have access to the Healthy Culture Crew monthly newsletter.  Be a part of the CBCS health and wellness community on us.  Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Feel free to set aside time to join us to share your health and wellness practice on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM in the CBCS Dean’s Conference Room.