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Professor Ray Miltenberger Contributes to Work on Changing Behaviors During COVID 19

Ray Miltenberger is professor and director of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program at USF. His research in ABA focuses on teaching safety skills to children and individuals with disabilities, ABA approaches in health, fitness, and sports, analysis and treatment of repetitive behavior disorders, and functional assessment and treatment of problem behaviors. Recently, he has utilized his expertise to help educate people about changing their behavior during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Below are a couple of his recent contributions.

Psychonomic Society Reduce Face Touching

View PDF's of info-graphics on reducing face touching, promoting social distancing and proper hand washing.

Psychonomic Society

For the last few months, Ray Miltenberger has been part of the Behavioral Science Response to COVID 19 Working Group organized by the Psychonomic Society. This Working Group put together and distributed three info-graphics, available in 20+ languages, designed to help people decrease face touching and promote social distancing and proper hand washing, three behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID 19.


Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

In addition, based on his line of research evaluating Habit Reversal Treatment (HRT) for a variety of habit behaviors, Miltenberger was invited to work with researchers from two other universities to put together a paper on HRT for reducing face touching to decrease risk for COVID 19 infection. This paper, “Reducing risky behavior with habit reversal: A review of behavioral strategies to reduce habitual hand-to-head behavior,” was just published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.