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Understanding Your Tuition and Fee Charges

The tuition and fee rates as well as charge descriptions can be found using the links in this section. Tuition and fees are assessed by course level, not student classification, i.e. if an undergraduate student takes a graduate level course the graduate rates apply. Other factors that determine the credit rate are: residency, admission term, course campus and for some graduate students their college or program. Tuition rates are subject to change. 

Fee Schedules for Students with Admit Terms Prior to Summer 2020:

Fee Schedules for Students with Admit Terms Summer 2020 to Present:

Other Fee Schedules:

How to View Your Account Charges

If you wish to just view your registration charges for the semester go to View My Fee Assessment in OASIS. Payments and charges other than tuition are not reflected on the fee assessment. To view all charges and payments applied to your account go to View My Account Summary by Term in OASIS

USF Tuition and Fee Regulations

USF tuition and fee regulations are adopted upon approval by the University Boards of Trustees. The boards of trustees provides the Florida Board of Governors with regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees. Florida Statute or Board of Governor Regulations may affect the fees as listed.