Student Accounting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my 1098-T be available? The University of South Florida will make the 1098-T available for printing in OASIS by January 31 each year. The data reported on the 1098-T can be found on OASIS under Tuition and Fees - Tax Notification. For information about 1098-T's please visit our webpage, Accounts Receivable-1098T. Please contact our Customer Service area if you need assistance with your 1098-T.

  • When are payments due? Tuition payments are due by the fifth day of the term for students without a deferment. Important dates and deadlines 

  • What are the current tuition rates?  Tuition and fee information

  • How do I pay for classes? Payment information 

  • How do I find out what I owe?

    USF does not mail out tuition bills. To find out your account balance:

    1. Log on to OASIS
    2. On the Main Menu select "Student"
    3. On the Student Menu select "Tuition & Fees"
    4. On the Tuition, Fees & Payment menu select "View Account Summary and Pay My Bill"

Your current account balance is shown near the top of the page. All charges and payments are summarized by the term in which they were made.

  • When will my financial aid (loans, scholarships, grants, Bright Future's) be disbursed? Financial aid will be disbursed immediately after the drop/add period which is usually the fifth day of the term. For questions concerning your disbursement and awards go to, University of South Florida Financial Aid.

  • Can my parents access my financial information? Under the provisions of The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), in most cases we cannot release financial information about students to any third party. This act prohibits us from discussing your financial status with family members and financial institutions. Parents can obtain financial information with authorization from their son/daughter by accessing the Student Bill Payment area: Authorized Users Login.

  • Were can I find information about Florida Prepaid? Florida Prepaid at USF