Student Accounting Services

Cancellation of Registration

Cancellation Process

The University will cancel the registration of a student whose registration fees have not been paid in full by the deadline as indicated on the university's academic calendar. This means, specifically, that a student will be dropped from their courses, receive no credit for any courses taken during that term and will lose access to Canvas. This includes students that registered for Alternative Calendar courses and courses that start prior to the first week of classes.

If you are only taking courses that have a start date after the first week of classes, registered after the first week of classes, have an unpaid Florida Prepaid tuition memo or have an authorized deferred payment of fees, your registration may not be cancelled. Winter session and Maymester coures are not subject to cancellation.

Students are expected to pay in full for current and prior term charges before starting the subsequent term. Students that have registered for an upcoming term and have an overdue account balance, may have their courses cancelled before the start of the next term.

reinstatement/RE-Add process-Current term

Information on how to get re-added to your courses cancelled for financial reasons can be found on the Registrar's web page, Re-Add Process

Reinstatement Process- TERMS PRIOR TO SPRING 2020 ONLY!

For courses cancelled for terms prior to Spring 2020, students who failed to have their classes reinstated by the deadline will need to petition to have their classes reinstated.The student will need to fill out a separate reinstatement petition for each term they are requesting reinstatement. Read the petition carefully! It fully explains the reinstatement process.

Email your completed petition with all supporting documentation attached to

You can also bring it in person to SVC 1039 on the Tampa Campus, fax it to 813-974-6077 or mail to the address below:

University of South Florida
UCO-Student Accounting Services
4202 East Fowler Avenue SVC1039
Tampa, Florida 33620