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As a part of the University Controller's Office, USF  Payroll is committed to ensuring all employees are paid accurately, timely and in accordance with all University, State and Federal policies, procedures and regulations. Additionally, the Payroll department is responsible for the reporting and compliance for employee benefits, tax and payroll deductions as well as ensuring the payroll transactions are properly recorded in the University's accounting system.

Paper W-2 forms for former USF Employees will be mailed to the last mailing address on file by Friday, January 31st.

If you do not receive your form by 02/07/2020, please complete a reissued request form for your year-end statement that is available on our webpage and we can reissue you one at that time.

Our new office location is Tampa Campus, John and Grace Allen Building, ALN208

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Send mail to ALN147.

Contact the Payroll Help Desk at (813) 974-7955

Fax Number (813) 974-5084

Our business hours are 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

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