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How To View Your Pay Stub

New in 2024! Access Pay Stubs and W-2s via ADP

We have partnered with ADP, a recognized industry leader in HR management software and services, to deliver secure access of pay stubs and W-2s for all employees beginning in January 2024.  

What has changed? 

  • Current, active employees: You will still use GEMS Self-Service to access pay stubs and W-2s. However, you will notice a new ADP tile that will link you directly to your information in ADP. Access the one-page job-aid here for visual instructions. Please note that W-2s prior to 2023 will still be accessed through GEMS.
  • Inactive Employees: Please follow these instructions to register and view your information in ADP.
  • ADP Frequently Asked Questions

    Is ADP connected to Oracle? Why is ADP necessary?

    ADP is needed for two reasons, (1) Oracle does not provide a self-filing for employment taxes like we had the ability to do in PeopleSoft. They (ADP) are remitting our withholding taxes now and filing our quarterly returns and will be preparing our W-2’s that will be hosted on their portal as part of the Employment Tax solution that is already in place and began 04/01/2023.
    (2) Due to the banking change and the initiative for USF to be removed from any paycheck printing (not all employees have direct deposit and it cannot be mandated in the state of Florida), ADP was also chosen to be our banking partner and print live paychecks that will be mailed to the employee’s homes like they are now. This
    change also allows terminated employees to log into the ADP portal and print their paycheck stubs for three years. The three-year record retention is ADP’s, and the state of Florida’s is five fiscal years so we will save the forms internally for reporting.
    Additionally, ADP offers a paycard solution which is new to USF. A paycard allows someone who does not have a bank account to be able to have their pay electronically as well as take advantage of benefits of a traditional checking account. The paycard option will be available the 2nd quarter after we go live with the
    paycheck printing with ADP.

    If our W2’s are stored outside of USF, will there be secure server storage to take us there in subsequent years?

    Yes, the W-2’s will be hosted on ADP’s web portal and allow for all employees (active and terminated) to access their W-2’s for a rolling three years just like the paycheck stubs. After the three years, employees will need to request the prior stubs and W-2’s from Payroll Services just like they do now. We are now in the testing phase with ADP Wage Payment Services. Terminated employees will have the link available if they go to the Payroll webpage.

    What does the frequency of 26.1 to 26 pay periods mean? Will this frequency impact the 9-month faculty who want to stretch their pay over 12 months? Does this apply to 9-month faculty?

    Currently USF pays employees based on a frequency of 26.1 pay periods based on the fact that there are 261working days in the calendar year (this fluctuates between 260 and 262 based on the year, leap year, the way holidays fall, etc.) We are adopting the industry standard of 26 bi-weekly pay periods which will alleviate some
    of the confusion of employees taking their annual salary divided by 26 and feeling that they are being short paid. The annual salary for employees will not change; however, the bi-weekly calculation may go up buy a few dollars beginning in January.
    This frequency change will not impact the 9-month faculty employees that are paid over a contract or semester period. This also will not impact 9-month faculty who choose to have the set-aside deduction to receive that money refunded to them over the summer.

    When can I see my paycheck?

    You will be able to see your paycheck 12:01am on the Wednesday before a Friday payday.

Group Term Life Insurance

March 2024 Announcement: Group Term Life Insurance

 Group Term Life Insurance Participant:
Beginning in March, there will be an additional line of taxable income on your paystub noted with an asterisk. This amount shown is not deducted; it is the taxable calculated value of Group Term Life insurance in excess of $50,000 of coverage between the state life and optional life insurance that you have elected. The calculation is based on an IRS age-graded table and the value of your total life insurance, less $50,000 of allowable free coverage. (The IRS table is available on pg. 13 of Publication 15-B for taxable fringe benefits.)
In the following example,

  • Employer provides employee with group-term life insurance coverage of $25,000.
  • Employee has elected an additional 5x their annual salary or $350,000.
  • Employee is 62 years old, and pays $101.68 per pay period toward the cost of the insurance or $2,440.32 annually.
  • Total insurance coverage of $375,000 is reduced by the $50,000 IRS allowable free coverage, yielding $325,000 of coverage.
  • The yearly cost of $325,000 of coverage for someone 62 is $2,574.00 ($0.66 x 325 units of 1,000 x 12 per IRS table).
  • The difference between IRS graded cost and actual amount paid annually by the employee is $133.68 ($2574.00 – $2440.32).
  • The taxable amount of $133.68 / 24 pay periods = $5.58 per pay period included in bi weekly taxable income and also for W-2 reporting in boxes 1, 3, and 5 and also in box 12 with code “C.”
  • Paycheck image:

asterisk next to number on pay statement

The Pay Cycle

The University of South Florida pays on a bi-weekly payroll cycle. Each pay period begins on Friday and ends two weeks later on Thursday. You will be paid for that pay period one week later on Friday.


Learn more about Changing your W-4 Withholding Certificate and Exemptions.

Direct Deposit

Section 110.113 of the Florida Statutes requires all employees, except undergraduate work study students, to enroll in direct deposit as a condition of employment. USF encourages the use of Direct Deposit by all employees.

Employees enrolled in Direct Deposit, will not receive a printed pay stub, this information can be accessed through GEMS Self Service. The link above provides Step by step instructions for accessing Gems Self Service. Employees without access to a computer can use a computer in the library or there is a kiosk in the UCO Payroll Office – ALN208. 

Learn more in the step-by-step Direct Deposit Training

 Direct Deposit FAQ

Note: All direct deposit maintenance must be done via GEMS, using the self-service portal.
1.      Can I deposit money into any account I would like?
You can use any account for multiple direct deposits as long as the bank is a participating member of NACHA (most banks are). Eligible accounts for direct deposits include any Checking, Savings, Paycard or Money Market account – as long as it has an ABA/Routing and Account number, it can be used for direct deposit.
International/non-U.S. banks are ineligible, as they require special handling and are not currently used for direct deposits at USF.
2.      How many bank accounts can I use for my direct deposit?
You can have as many as five (5) accounts. Four accounts will be partial dollar amounts allocated to them, and one account will be the remaining balance of your net pay.
For Example – You can choose:
$50 (account 1), $100 (account 2) $10 (account 3) $25 (account 4) and the remainder of the net pay will go into (account 5) – Remaining Balance.
**NOTE, you should always have one account as “Remaining Balance”
3.     Can I enter a percentage (%) of pay for one of the partial accounts?
No, you cannot as the system will not recognize it. You can only enter a dollar amount to be deposited into one of the partial accounts. However, it does not have to be a whole dollar amount. The amount can include dollars and cents – such as $11.53, $109.75, etc.  But it cannot be 50%, 25%, etc.
**NOTE, you should always have one account as “Remaining Balance”
4.     Will my multiple direct deposit split occur on every paycheck?
Yes, the splits between your accounts will happen with each payment that is directly deposited into your accounts. The split will happen even if you are receiving multiple payments such as receiving your normal paycheck along with a separate check for a bonus. Every separate check will be split according to your direct deposit instructions.
5.     What is the latest I can update my direct deposit information to be effective for the next pay check?
Usually changes to direct deposit information must be made no later than Monday of the pay week to be effective for that Friday’s paycheck.  Please note, changes may need to be made earlier than Mondays on accelerated payrolls due to holidays. Please refer to the Payroll Bi-weekly Schedule for when these dates are.

6.     What happens if I enter my direct deposit information incorrectly?
If the banking information you input was incorrect, and your paycheck has already been processed, please send an email to as soon as possible so we can attempt to retrieve the funds. In many cases the funds are returned to USF. You will be notified via email with options on how you would like to receive the funds which include adding the funds to the next scheduled pay check or by receiving a paper check that will be mailed to the mailing address in GEMs.
Please note that it can take up to 4 banking days for USF to receive the funds and are NOT guaranteed to be successful. 
Special attention needs to be paid whenever you enter your direct deposit information in GEMS, to ensure that all information provided is true and accurate.  You should also correct or delete the account information in GEMS as soon as you are aware of any errors.
7.     My account has been compromised and I need to cancel my direct deposit.  How can I do that, and can I cancel all of my deposits?
You can cancel your direct deposit at any time via GEMs Self-service.  Although USF encourages direct deposit as a condition of employment, you do have the ability to cancel/delete all of your banking information, especially in this instance or for identity theft, etc. You should re-establish your direct deposit as soon as possible.
When you do not have any banking information in GEMS, a paper check will be issued and mailed on pay day to the Home address listed in GEMS.
8.     Who do I contact if I checked my account and didn’t see a deposit?
Prior to contacting anyone, please log in to GEMS to access your paystubs through the ADP tile and verify that you were paid. If a payment was not processed, contact your supervisor in your department first, and inform them that you were not paid.
If a payment was issued, look at the bottom of the pdf in ADP to see if the payment was made via Check or Direct Deposit.  Paper checks are mailed on pay day to the Home address listed in GEMS.
If the payment was deposited, you will see the account(s) listed under Account Type and the last four of the account number showing under Account Number.
9.      What happens if one of my accounts is closed?
If one of your accounts is closed, and the money is returned to USF, Payroll will contact you via email to notify you that the funds have been returned and provide the details on how the funds will be reimbursed .  Payroll will inactivate the closed account on your direct deposit profile.
If the closed account was a partial direct deposit, that partial amount will be included in your next paycheck.
If the closed account was the “Remaining Balance” account, any partial direct deposits will occur, and the amount will be issued as a paper check and will be mailed on pay day to the Home address listed in GEMS.

Link to GEMS

Paper Checks

If you receive a paper check, the check is mailed from ADP in Alpharetta, Georgia to the address on the face of the check on the pay day (pay date printed on the check). In-person pick up is not permitted as checks are not printed on campus nor will mailed checks be re-directed to an alternate mailing address. If your address has changed, please visit GEMS Self-Service to update the address for future mailings.

NOTE: If you are a student and have changed your address in OASIS, you also need to change it in GEMS as these two systems do not have an interface.

Name Changes

For name changes, submit a Name Change Form to Human Resources and submit to