Classification & Compensation


Classification and Compensation is responsible for the pay and other terms of employment for Administration, Staff and Temporary positions at USF. To help ensure consistency in the application of these terms of employment, USF has established a classification structure.

Job specifications describe the features which determine each Staff and Administration classification. These features include the official job title, pay grade assignment, a description of the type of work that is typically done by a job assigned to that title, and the minimum qualifications needed to successfully perform the job. Jobs titles are also assigned to broad Job Families. Formal job descriptions of Faculty positions are not maintained by Human Resources, but the formal classification system for Faculty is available on the HR website. Brief descriptions of the other Appointment Types (e.g. Temporary , Graduate Assistants) are also maintained by HR.

Every Staff and Administration job at USF has a position description which includes its formal title, department, primary purpose, essential functions, qualifications, and other significant characteristics. In the classification process, a position description is prepared by a supervisor or manager, reviewed by administrators, and submitted to HR where it is associated with a formal job classification.

Every new job is assigned a position number and classified by HR before it is filled. When duties change significantly, jobs are reclassified by HR. During the classification process, the exemption status under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act is also evaluated.

All position descriptions are created by supervisors or managers and are maintained in GEMS. For assistance with specific classification actions, contact your HR Service Manager in your Service Center or your Compensation Analyst in Compensation and Classification.