Policies and Procedures

Regulations, Policies & Procedures

Pyramid with Regulation and Policy on top, procedure on bottom

REGULATIONS and POLICIES (the WHY & WHAT) are created at the highest level and require ample review and approval.

PROCEDURES (the HOW) define the processes necessary to implement the regulation or policy. HR Procedures are defined and approved by Central Human Resources.

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Please submit any questions regarding CHR Regualtions, Policies, Procedures or Forms to the Continuous Process Improvement Team here.

Additional information: University Regulations and Policies

Regulation and Policy Development Flowchart can be found here.

  • Regulations
    • Address directives required by Florida Statute, BOG Regulation or other legally recognized entities
    • Require approval by the USF Board of Trustees and the Florida Board of Governors
  • Policies
    • Address  institutional compliance, promote operational efficiencies and/or enhance the University’s mission
    • Require approval by the University President 

All policies and regulations are maintained by the Office of General Counsel and can be found in the following categories: 

Current University Regulations and Policies

New and Amended Regulations and Policies 

Archive of adopted or replaced Regulations and Policies

Central Human Resources Regulations & Policies

Most of these Regulations & Policies apply to Administration, Staff and Temporary Employees. 

Classification & Compensation Regulations & Policies

Benefits, Leave & Attendance Regulations & Policies

Learning & Development Regulations & Policies

Accommodations & Workers Compensation Regulations & Policies

Religious Holidays: Observance by University Employees

Disability and Accommodations

More information regarding Employee Religious and Disability Accommodations can be found here

Accident Injury and Loss Control Prevention (Workers Compensation)

More information regarding Workers Compensation can be found here

Faculty HUman REsources Regulations & Policies