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Human Resources Policies and Regulations

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Central Human Resources Regulations


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Time Worked –Participation on Committees and Elected Bodies

Policy 0-600

This policy is intended to encourage participation in University-wide standing councils and committees, search committees, grievance committees, and the like and to recognize the time involved in performing these activities as "time worked."



Religious Holidays: Observance by University Employees

Policy 0-602

This policy is intended to set guidelines and to provide a reasonable accommodation for employees to practice their religious beliefs.




Accident Injury and Loss Control Prevention

Policy 6-011

This Policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of individuals and departments that are accountable for the University of South Florida (USF) Loss Prevention Program for the purpose of investigating, mitigating, or preventing accidents and illnesses within USF.


Drug-Free Workplace

Policy 0-610

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all personnel, students and departments understand that USF prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession or use of alcohol or controlled substances.



Alcohol and Drug Testing –Positions Regulated by DOT & USCG

Policy 0-611

The purpose of this policy is to comply with the Federal Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 and the United States Coast Guard Chemical Testing Program regulations, which mandate testing for alcohol and controlled substances of all employees in, and applicants for, positions requiring a commercial driver license or maritime credential as a condition of employment.



Flexible Work Arrangements

Policy 0-612

This policy establishes guidelines for approving and administering Flexible Work Arrangements.




Post-Retirement Employment

Policy 0-614

This policy covers the university's practice regarding any post-retirement employment.




Criminal History Background Checks

Policy 0-615

This policy clarifies the USF Background Check process as well as define varying levels and types of checks. 


Employment References – Providing and Obtaining Employment Reference Information

Policy 0-616

The purpose of this policy is to outline required procedures for obtaining, and providing, employment-related reference information at the University of South Florida (USF). 





Recruitment and Hiring of University Employees

Policy 0-617

The recruitment and hiring provisions outlined in this policy represent standardized practices to ensure hiring of the most qualified individuals in alignment with our commitment to diversity, equal opportunity and compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.