Student Accounting

Florida Prepaid Tuition


Florida prepaid tuition memos and differential tuition exemptions should be on student accounts by the week of August 5th. For students with local and/or differential plans, there are changes to the amounts paid by Florida Prepaid for courses on St Pete or Sarasota Manatee campuses. Please check are FAQ document for more information.

    How Florida Prepaid Works

    YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING, FAX OR MAIL YOUR CARD TO THE STUDENT ACCOUNTING OFFICE TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT. We will automatically bill for Florida Prepaid tuition and dormitory plan. Please review the Florida Prepaid FAQ PDF document for more details about the processing of both tuition and dormitory prepaid payments.

    Activating Your Florida Prepaid

    The University of South Florida downloads a file from Florida Prepaid and we automatically bill for all Florida Prepaid College students with tuition plans that are enrolled for Fall, Spring and/or Summer terms. Dorm plans are billed for students with dorm charges for Fall and Spring terms only. Payment is limited to the maximum amount allowed of your available prepaid plan balance.

      Inactivating Your Florida Prepaid

      If you do not want the University to bill Florida Prepaid for tuition and/or dorm you must notify the Student Accounting Office. Please fill out and submit the Request Not to Bill/Resume Billing form prior to the first week of classes to have your account inactivated. You will need to submit a new form at the beginning of each semester you do not want prepaid to be billed.

      Out-of-State Prepaid Students

      Florida Prepaid is only billed for in state tuition. If you have Florida Prepaid and have been classified as a non-resident you need to bring your Florida Prepaid card to one of the following areas to be reclassified as an in state student: Newly admitted to USF - Undergraduate Admissions, SVC 1036 Currently enrolled students - The Registrar's Office, SVC 1034

      Prepaid Dormitory Plan

      Automatic billing will only occur if the student has available prepaid dorm semesters and has dorm charges on their USF student account for Fall or Spring terms. PREPAID DOES NOT ALLOW BILLING OF HOUSING FOR SUMMER TERMS. We do not bill for USF affiliated housing. Please contact Residence Services at (813) 974-0001 if you have any questions about your dorm charges and amounts that Florida Prepaid covers.