Student Accounting

Third Party Billing

Third party billing is a service offered to outside agencies\companies requesting to be invoiced for a student's tuition and fees. A third party cannot be an individual i.e. a student's parent.  If you are a student and are expecting an outside agency to pay for your tuition and fees, the Student Accounting Office must be provided with an authorization to bill that agency.


An authorization is a written statement, preferably on agency letterhead, giving the University permission to bill that agency. An authorization should contain the following information:

  • Billing Address
  • Contact person (name, phone number, e-mail)
  • Student's full name and USF ID Number (U########)
  • Specific semesters that will be paid
  • Specific charges that will be paid

Examples of authorizations include: Vocational Rehabilitation authorizations, financial letters of guarantee, tuition assistance forms, letters of credit, and vouchers. If your agency does not have a standard letter of authorization, please use the Third Party Billing Agreement Form.


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