Student Accounting


The University of South Florida offers the electronic deposit process called eDeposit to all of our customers. eDeposit allows your net financial aid & student refunds to be directly deposited into your personal bank account.

  • No more waiting for your checks to arrive in the mail!
  • No more special trips to the bank!
  • Signing up for eDeposit is easy too!

Subscription to the eDeposit service is available online through your student account on OASIS.

What is eDeposit?

Instead of mailing your refund check, your funds are deposited directly into your checking account at the bank you choose. An email is sent to you each time a deposit transfer is made to your account.

What are the Benefits?

  • Mailing address problems eliminated.
  • No more standing in line at your bank to deposit your check.
  • No more delays because of lost checks. (Lost checks take 6 weeks to replace)
  • No more worries if you are out of town when your check arrives in the mail.

Can a direct deposit be made to any bank?

The university can direct deposit to any financial institution with US electronic funds transfer capabilities. Contact your bank if you have any questions about its ability to accept direct deposit transactions.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for eDeposit go the OASIS website and click on the link for Subscribe to eDeposit under the Tuition and Fees link.