Student Accounting

Tuition Waivers

Waiver Submission Deadlines

  • Spring 2021: January 14, 2021
  • Summer 2021: (all sessions) May 20, 2021
  • Fall 2021: August 26, 2021

Waiver Information

Please note: None of the waivers listed below can be used to cover Self-Funded, Market Rate, Cost Recovery, Sponsored Institute or Study Abroad courses.

The following waivers are submitted directly to our office:

  • State of Florida Employee 
  • DCF
  • Intern Certificate of Participation
  • Dependent of Deceased First Responders

    Any waivers not listed above are submitted or processed by the department, college or committee approving the waiver.

    If you have a question about your tuition waiver email:
    Please include the type of waiver you need assistance with in the subject line of the email.


Due to Covid-19, we will continue using the process listed below for State of Florida Employee Tuition Waivers. The following 2 steps must be completed  in order for the waiver to be processed:

 1. Students will be required to sign the waiver form and have their immediate supervisor also sign.  Immediate supervisors should do one of the following:

          a. Docusign the waiver form and email to
          b. Email and indicate in the email that you approve of the waiver.
          c. Sign the form and mail to:
                                                      UCO-Student Accounting
                                                      Attn:  Kathryn Keller
                                                      University of South Florida
                                                      4202 Fowler Ave SVC1039
                                                      Tampa, FL  33620

2. Students must send a screenshot of employment verification to or include with mailed waiver form (include student ID number).

Note:  As soon as possible, the Agency Head/Designee signature should be obtained and the original form should be mailed to the Student Accounting at the address above.

Due to Covid-19, we will continue to allow the waiver forms to be emailed to The original copy of the tuition waiver still needs to be submitted to our office by the submission deadline date for the term. It can be brought in person to SVC 1039 on the Tampa Campus or mailed to:

UCO-Student Accounting
ATTN: Kathryn Keller
University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Ave SVC1039
Tampa, FL 33620 

Any paperwork submitted should have your University ID # (not your Social Security Number) on it. If you have not been assigned an USF ID, please submit your paperwork to the Admissions Office. When mailing your form, please allow sufficient time for the waiver to be received by the deadline date. Waivers cannot be faxed.