Student Accounting

Banner Workflow Department Third Party

Banner Workflow is an enterprise solution from Ellucian that facilitates the automation of various business processes. Its functionality will allow departments to process and authorize their own internally funded third-party tuition payment requests. Once requests are submitted and authorized by the appropriate department approver(s), they would then be routed to the UCO for processing. Finally, an invoice will flow back to the submitter.

Request Access

To request Banner Workflow access, you must fill out the form, have it signed and email it to the specified mailbox. There are the two main roles that every department will need. One is the Initiator, which will allow you to create, submit, and modify requests. The other is the Approver, which will allow you to approve requests that you are authorized for.

Production Link

Where do I go to access the Banner Workflow application?


Please refer to the Banner Workflow manual, which contains general information regarding how to use the system.

Approvers - Workflow Setup

You must confirm that they're assigned as Accountable Officer or Accountable Officer Designee in the FAST workflow setup for the given Chartfield combination. You may do so by using the following search page in FAST (Main Menu > USF Menu Items > Search Sig Auth By Chartfield). Then, allow at least 24 hours as a nightly process needs to run to update this information. Finally, make sure that they have Banner Workflow access with the Approver role.


    Please email the Student Accounting Office for issues with payments processed via Banner Workflow: