Student Accounting

Dept of Children and Family Services Tuition Waivers

Please note: The waivers listed below can not be used to cover Study Abroad fees.  Excess Hour and Repeat Course Surcharges are also not covered.


For any student for whom the state is paying foster care, is a ward of the state or who is adopted from the Department of Children and Family Services after 12/31/1997, certain tuition and related fees shall be waived.  The waiver can be used until the student is 28 years of age.  The waiver can be used for qualified undergraduate, graduate and professional level courses.  Students who are eligible should contact their state agency to get the DCF waiver form.


The signed DCF form will need to be submitted no later than the payment deadline date each semester you are enrolled in at USF. The deadline submission dates can be found on the website below:

Submission of completed tuition waivers may begin on:

August 1 (Fall semesters)
December 1 (Spring semesters)
May 1 (Summer semesters, all sessions)


Please submit your paperwork each semester you are enrolled to ensure processing.  If you submit your waiver form but do not register for the semester, you will need to re-submit the form the next term you register. If you submit documentation to any other department, it will not be processed.

  • In Person: Tampa Campus, SVC 1039

  • Mail: UCO-Student Accounting
              ATTN: Amy Murray
              University of South Florida
              4202 E. Fowler Ave SVC1039
              Tampa, FL 33620

  • Email: , please attach your paperwork in PDF format and include your USF ID in the subject line.