Student Accounting

State of Florida Employee Tuition Waivers

Who is Eligible?

Full-time State of Florida employees may be allowed to enroll for up to six (6) credit hours of eligible instruction per term on a space-available basis. Some State of Florida employees may not be eligible for the waiver. Please note that this program does not include persons employed by the state university system,the state college system, the community college system, county employees or local school districts. To verify your employment for use of the tuition waiver please go to the State of Florida Employees' Information Center,

What is Covered by the Waiver?

Up to six credit hours per term for eligible courses (The Summer semester has three sessions but is considered one term). The six hours covered can be in any combination of for credit courses i.e. three 2 hour courses, one 4 hour + one 2 hour, etc. Anything over six credit hours is not covered by the waiver. For example if you take two 4 credit hours courses the waiver will only cover six of those hours.

The waiver only covers per credit hour tuition and the flat fees that are charged once per term. Participants will be responsible for all other charges such as application fees, orientation fees, excess hours fees, repeat course fees and special course fees such as distance learning fees, off campus fees, facility and equipment and lab fees. To avoid a late payment fee all tuition and fees not covered by the State of Florida Employee Tuition Waiver need to be paid by the fifth day of the term. As a reminder USF does not mail out tuition bills. To find out your account balance:

  1. Log on to OASIS
  2. On the Main Menu select "Student"
  3. On the Student Menu select "Tuition & Fees"
  4. On the Tuition, Fees & Payment menu select "View Account Summary and Pay My Bill"

Your current account balance is shown near the top of the page. All charges and payments are summarized by the term in which they were made.

The tuition waiver cannot be used for certain courses. These courses include, but are not limited to; continuing education courses, self-funded/market-rate courses, independent study, supervised research, supervised teaching labs, thesis hours, dissertation, internships, practicum, third attempt repeat courses, co-ops, or applied individualized instruction in Music, Art, or Dance, etc.. Audited courses are also not covered. For any questions regarding course eligibility email:

When Can I Register for Courses?

State Employee registration occurs at specific times. Should the Employee register prior to the prescribed date and time,the fee waiver will become invalid and the Employee will be liable for all applicable fees. STATE EMPLOYEES WHO REGISTER PRIOR TO THE PRESCRIBED DATE AND TIME WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CHANGE THEIR SCHEDULE IN ORDER TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FEE WAIVER. It is the responsibility of the employee to register on a space-available basis only.

Registration times for students using the State of Florida Employee Tuition waiver:

What Forms Do I Need to Submit?

All eligible state employees must submit USF's State Employee Waiver Form signed by the employee, the employee's supervisor and agency director and complete the USF application process if not a currently enrolled USF student. If you are submitting a State of Florida Employee Tuition Waiver for the first time, you will also need to provide verification of employment.

All new students must complete the USF application, take the appropriate placement tests and attend orientation and advising prior to registration. The tuition waiver can be found here: State Of Florida Employee Tuition Waiver.

The Intent to Apply/Participation form will not be accepted in place of the actual USF tuition waiver. The form clearly states that the student needs to check with the University about filling out additional forms.

When Do I Need to Submit my Waiver?

Waivers are processed during the first week of classes. The completed waiver with all the necessary approval signatures needs to be submitted to the Student Accounting Office no later then the fourth day of the term (normally the Thursday of the first week of classes) to avoid cancellation of registration and the assessment of late fees. Waivers received after the deadline date for the term cannot be processed. We highly recommend that the waiver be mailed to us with a tracking number (over-night or certified mail depending on the deadline). THE ORIGINAL WAIVER MUST BE SUBMITTED, COPIES AND FAXES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.