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State of Florida Employee Tuition Waivers

NOTICE: THIS WAIVER IS NOT FOR USF EMPLOYEES. Information for the USF employee tuition program can be found here: USF Employee Tuition Program (ETP)


State Employee registration occurs at specific times. Should the Employee register prior to the prescribed date and time,the fee waiver will become invalid and the Employee will be liable for all applicable fees. STATE EMPLOYEES WHO REGISTER PRIOR TO THE PRESCRIBED DATE AND TIME WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CHANGE THEIR SCHEDULE IN ORDER TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FEE WAIVER. It is the responsibility of the employee to register on a space-available basis only.

Registration times for students using the State of Florida Employee Tuition waiver:

  • Spring 2023 - January 5, 2023 after 5:00 PM
  • Summer 2023 - May 11, 2023 after 5:00 PM
  • Fall 2023 - August 17, 2023 after 5:00 PM


  • USF's State Employee Waiver Form - All eligible state employees must submit USF's waiver form that is signed by the employee, the employee's supervisor and agency director. The Intent to Apply/Participation form will not be accepted in place of the actual USF tuition waiver. The form clearly states that the student needs to check with the University about filling out additional forms.

  • Employment Verfication- A screenshot of your employment verification needs to be sent to us along with our completed waiver form. You must verify your employment every semester you plan on using the waiver. 

    To verify your employment, please login into the State of Florida Employee’s Information Center website: Once you log into the database, please click on Tuition Waiver Verification. The result will state Successful Employment Verification across the page.

Waiver Submittal 

Please do not submit waivers earlier than two weeks before a term starts.

The following 2 steps must be completed  in order for the waiver to be processed:

 1. Students will be required to sign the waiver form and have their immediate supervisor also sign. Immediate supervisors should do one of the following:

          a. Docusign the waiver form and email to
          b. Email and indicate that you approve of the waiver.
          c. Sign the form and mail to:
                                                      UCO-Student Accounting
                                                      Attn:  Kathryn Keller
                                                      University of South Florida
                                                      4202 Fowler Ave SVC1039
                                                      Tampa, FL  33620

2. Students must send a screenshot of employment verification to or include with mailed waiver form (include student ID number).

Note:  As soon as possible, the Agency Head/Designee signature should be obtained and the original form should be mailed to the Student Accounting at the address above.

Submission of completed tuition waivers and successful employment verification may begin on:

August 1 (Fall semesters)
December 1 (Spring semesters)
May 1 (Summer semesters, all sessions)

Paperwork dated prior to the above mentioned dates will not be accepted.

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