Student Accounting

State Of Florida Employee- Waiver Eligibility

NOTICE: THIS WAIVER IS NOT FOR USF EMPLOYEES. Information for the USF employee tuition program can be found here, USF Employee Tuition Program (ETP).

Full-time State of Florida employees may be allowed to enroll for up to six (6) credit hours of eligible instruction per term on a space-available basis. Employees must have been admitted to the University and have completed the USF application, taken the appropriate placement tests, and attended orientation and advising prior to registration.

Some State of Florida employees may not be eligible for the waiver. Please note that this program does not include persons employed by the state university system, the state college system, the community college system, county employees or local school districts. Your personal information needs to be kept confidential to verify your employment as this is the required process.

To verify your employment for use of the tuition waiver, please login into the State of Florida Employee’s Information Center website: Once you log into the database, please click on Tuition Waiver Verification. The result will state Successful Employment Verification across the page.

You must verify your employment every semester you plan on using the waiver.

A screenshot of the verification will need to be sent to us along with our completed waiver form, USF's State Employee Waiver Form.