Student Accounting

State of Florida Employee-Waiver Processing

NOTICE: THIS WAIVER IS NOT FOR USF EMPLOYEES. Information for the USF employee tuition program can be found here: USF Employee Tuition Program (ETP).

Processing of State of Florida Employee tuition waivers usually starts on the Tuesday of the first week of the term.

To avoid cancellation of registration and the assessment of late fees, the completed waiver with all the necessary approval signatures needs to be submitted to the Student Accounting Office no later then the fourth day of the term (normally the Thursday of the first week of classes).Waivers received after the deadline date for the term cannot be processed.

Waivers received before the requested submittal date should show on OASIS accounts by the end of the first week of classes. Waivers submitted in the afternoon of the requested submittal date may not show on accounts until the weekend.

We highly recommend that the waiver be mailed to us with a tracking number (over-night or certified mail depending on the deadline). THE ORIGINAL WAIVER MUST BE SUBMITTED, COPIES AND FAXES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.