Residency Information

Being a Florida resident for tuition purposes means the student pays less per credit hour than a non-Florida resident. In order to be classified as a Florida resident for tuition purposes, the student or the student's parent/legal guardian must have established Bona Fide Domicile and legal ties to the state for Florida, at least 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of the term in which the student is seeking in-state residency status. A student is classified as either a dependent or independent student.  In rare cases, a student may qualify for temporary in-state status by qualifying under an Exception Category.

Have questions about Florida's requirements and definitions for in-state residency? Florida Statute Section 1009.21 provides information on the criteria required by the State of Florida.

Begin Submitting Request for Reclassification Deadline to Submit Request for Reclassification
Domicile Year

Tax Year


Spring 2020


NOVEMBER 5, 2019


JANUARY 17, 2020

JANUARY 12, 2019
JANUARY 12, 2020



Summer 2020

MARCH 6, 2020

MAY 22, 2020
MAY 17, 2019
MAY 17, 2020


Fall 2020

JULY 3, 2020

AUGUST 28, 2020
AUGUST 23, 2019 through AUGUST 23, 2020