Class Registration

Course registration is completed through MyUSF. Log in to view your registration appointment time and prepare to register for classes through OASIS following the steps and using the helpful resources below.

Please follow this path to view your registration appointment time: Log in to MyUSF, access your OASIS go to Student -> Registration -> Registration Status -> Select Term.

Note: Based on student feedback on Schedule Planner, USF has retired the application. Registration is now be completed through OASIS.


Need help with specific steps in the registration process?

If you need guidance on:

  1. Checking your registration time and holds, view the PDF guide for How to Check Registration Time & Holds.
  2. Searching for courses within OASIS and additional tips on using the Class Schedule Search, view the PDF guide for How to Search for Courses in OASIS.
  3. Registering for classes with the 5-digit CRNs and viewing your schedule, view the PDF guide for How to Register for Courses and View Schedule.

For the complete Registration Reference Guide, click on the PDF: Registration Reference Guide image or link below.


Students can search for courses through the Student Schedule Search function in OASIS. For a quick guide on navigating the Student Schedule Search, watch the tutorial.

When you are ready to register, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log in to MyUSF now, access your OASIS account, and check your registration time under the Registration Status link.  
  2. Also check for any Holds that could prevent registration (also under Registration Status in OASIS) and take steps to clear them.
  3. Visit Degree Works to check your progress toward your degree. Use the student schedule search features in OASIS to plan your schedule. View the step-by-step video tutorial for course planning help.
  4. Have questions about your schedule? Contact the advising team in your college/department (instructions provided here).
  5. Check out the Registration Reference Guide.
  6. When your registration time arrives, log in to OASIS and register with the five digit CRNs for your desired schedule.

We recommend that you meet with an academic advisor prior to registration. Meeting with an academic advisor ensures that you are taking the appropriate courses for your degree each term, and will keep you on the most efficient path towards graduation.  Contact your College to schedule an advising appointment.

Note: Register before the first day of class to avoid the late registration fee. Visit the Tuition Payment Deadlines page for more information.

The University of South Florida is a single university with a fully aligned and integrated curriculum and a single set of academic policies and procedures. As of July 1, 2020, all students can register for any courses at Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota-Manatee campus locations to complete degree requirements. Students looking for online courses are highly encouraged to search the offerings of all three campuses. Degree Works was updated to remove campus-specific requirements in Spring 2021.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for quick answers and helpful information.