Degree Works

What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is a web-based degree audit and tracking tool for students and your advising team to monitor progress toward degree completion. When you meet with your advising team, you will use Degree Works to discuss classes and create a plan for your upcoming semester(s).

How to Access Degree Works

You can access Degree Works from OASIS and your myUSF account. At the top of your myUSF account landing page, go to the top of the page where it says My Resources and scroll down to OASIS. Once you click on OASIS, click the Student tab and then click on the tab titled Degree Works.

Your Information as a USF Student:

At the top of Degree Works, you'll find some valuable info like your USF and Overall GPAs, your major, and any minors you've added. You will also find the academic college that you fall under at USF, your course registration status, and your current academic standing.

Color Code: Know Where You Stand:

Degree Works labels all coursework with a symbol to show the status of that specific course:

  • Green circle with checkmark: the course has been completed.
  • Red circle: the course has not been completed.
  • Blue circle half-filled: the course is currently in progress.

Credit Hour Breakdown:

120: Total Degree requirement (The national minimum to earn a Bachelor’s degree)

42: Upper-level requirement (The minimum to earn a Bachelor’s degree at USF)

9: Summer requirement (The minimum number of hours to complete across all your summers at USF)

30/60: Residency requirement (30 of your last 60 must be completed at USF)

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