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ABA Virtual Poster Session for 1st Year Master's Students

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ABA Master's Program 1st-year students present posters on their case study projects.


1st-year students in the ABA Master’s Program presented their case study projects druing a virtual poster presentation on Dec. 2. The posters profiled their case study projects completed for the course MHS6601 Functional Assessment.  Microsoft Teams and Sway platforms allowed online faculty and students to visit each student's individual session and chat about the posters.

"During this challenging time, the students have put much time and effort to complete the project, and they were thrilled to have the faculty and doc students in their presentation rooms," said Associate Professor Kwang-Sun Cho Blair. All the students completed Phase 1 (Functional Behavior Assessment) with their clients, and a few of them completed Phase 2 (Hypothesis Testing/Functional Analysis) with their supervisors or classmates in mock trials or sessions, because they were unable to access their clients due to COVID-19.