Current Students

Field Experience

In the 3rd semester of the program, students will begin their field experience. This is an essential part of clinical training that will allow students to put the knowledge, theory, and skills learned during their coursework into practice. Field placement consists of 4 consecutive semesters of practicum where students will be working in a marriage and family therapy setting in the community under the supervision of a licensed counseling professional. Over the course of 4 semesters, students are required to accrue a total of 400 clinical face to face hours, at least 200 of which must be relational (couples, families, and various relationship forms).

In addition to working with clients in the community, students will be participating in a practicum class where they will receive supervision using raw data (audio and live observation) from an AAMFT approved supervisor or AAMFT approved supervisor candidate.  

Steps to Register for Field Placement:

  1. At the end of your first semester of the program, feel free to begin browsing the approved field placement sites designated as “MFT Degree” sites using the Intern Placement Tracking (IPT) System. If you need help with your password, please contact Dr. Everette Coffman
  2. Once you have identified  2-3 of your top choices for field placement, complete the Field Placement Application within the first 2 weeks of your second (Spring) semester.
  3. E-mail the field placement coordinator, Dr. Everette Coffman, and schedule a field placement orientation meeting to discuss your readiness and interests.
    After this meeting, you can begin the interview process with the site(s) as discussed with Dr. Coffman.
  4. Once you have completed your interview(s) and secured a field site, you may complete and sign the Field Placement Commitment Form. This form will be due approximately 3 weeks before summer registration begins. 
  5. When registration opens up, you may register for your desired practicum course and section.