50th Anniversary Celebration: March 23rd!

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  • 1971: Department Rehabilitation Counseling formed in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • 1971: Calvin Pinkard Founding Department Chair
  • 1973: First graduating class in Rehabilitation Counseling
  • 1977: CORE Accreditation (Council on Rehabilitation Education)


  • Mid-80s: Dr. Pinkard and Dr. Tennyson Wright led Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) grant that focused on recruiting and training minorities in Rehabilitation Counseling


  • 1992: John Rasch Department Chair RMHC
  • 1997: William Emener Chair Department RMHC


  • 2000: Entered the College of Behavioral Health and Community Sciences (in 2008 when CBCS was formed/established)
  • 2001: Program name changed to Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling
  • 2002: Charlotte Dixon Department Chair RMHC
  • 2003: Marriage and Family Graduate Certificate
  • 2003: Addictions and Substance Abuse Graduate Certificate
  • 2006: Integrative Mental Health Care Graduate Certificate Established by Gary Dudell, PhD.
  • 2007: Tennyson Wright Department Chair RMHC


  • 2015 Merged into the Department of Child and Family Studies
  • 2015 Chih Chin Chou appointed Program Director
  • 2015 Rehabilitation Services Administration Grant Program providing financial support to students going into state rehabilitation programs
  • 2016 CACREP Accreditation Granted (Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs)
  • 2018 Addictions and Substance Abuse Profession Undergraduate Certificate
  • 2019 Addictive Studies Undergraduate Minor
  • 2019 U.S. News and World Report placed the RMHC program in the top 25 (I think we were 24th at the time) Best Rehabilitation Counseling programs in the country


  • 2020: Marriage and Family branched off into new master’s program
  • 2020: Second 5-year cycle of RSA scholarship program (training grant) funded
  • 2021: HRSA Grant funded to sponsor RMHC students in field work in Integrative Behavioral Health settings
  • 2022: Rehabilitation Counseling and Disability Science online master’s program began
  • 2022: Program name changed to Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

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