Vicky Buckles, PhD

Vicky Buckles, PhD, LMHC, CRC

Assistant Professor of Instruction/Addictions & Substance Abuse Counseling Graduate Certificate Program Director

Lauren Baxley, PhD

Lauren BaxleY, PhD, LMFT

Assistant Professor of Instruction/MFT Field Placement Coordinator


Chih-Chin Chou, PhD

Chih-Chin Chou, PhD, CRC

RMHC Program Director & Associate Professor

Dr. Amanda DePippo

Amanda DePippo, PhD, LMHC, MCAP, CRC

Associate Professor of Instruction and Field Placement Coordinator

Tessa Hastings, PhD

Tessa Hastings, Phd, LMHC, LPC-S, RPT-S

Assistant Professor of Instruction and co- Director of Field Placement

Jillian Heilman

Jill Heilman, PhD, CRC

Assistant Professor of Instruction and RCDS Program Coordinator

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Ryan Henry, PhD, LMFT

Ryan G. Henry, PhD, LMFT

Professor of Instruction & Program Director/ Marriage & Family Therapy

Dr. Tammy Jorgensen-Smith, PhD, CRC

Tammy Jorgensen-Smith, PhD, CRC

Associate Professor of Instruction and PhD Coordinator

Marilyn Stern, PhD

Marilyn Stern, PhD, CRC

Professor and Thesis Coordinator

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Dr. Rick Weinberg, PhD

Richard Weinberg, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor of Instruction and MFT Certificate Liaison

Leah Worthey

Leah Worthey, PhD

Assistant Professor of Instruction and RCDS Field Placement Coordinator

 Courtesy & Adjunct Faculty

Nick Joyce, PhD

Nick Joyce, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Debra Mowery, PhD

Debra Mowery, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, MSCABH Program Director

Lisa Ottomanelli, PhD

Lisa Ottomanelli, PhD

Associate Professor


Jessica Rice, PhD

Jessica Rice, PhD

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Joan Reid, PhD

Joan Reid, PHD, LMHC, CRC

Associate Professor

Alyssa Scott CRC, LMHC

Alyssa Scott, CRC, LMHC

Adjunct Faculty

Michael Shahnasarian, PhD

Shahnasarian, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Nathan Willis, Phd, LMHC

Nathan Willis, Phd, LMHC 

Adjunct Faculty

Staff & Support 

Tatiana Acosta

Tatiana Acosta

Program Specialist


Greg Wance, MEd

Greg Wance, MED

Academic Services Administrator

Emeritus/Meritorious Faculty

Dr. William Kearns

William Kearns, PhD

Research Associate Professor, Retired Meritoriously

Susan D. Kelley, PhD, CRC, LMHC

Susan Kelley, PhD, CRC, LMHC

Associate Professor Emeritus

Calvin Pinkard

Calvin Pinkard, PhD

Associate Professor Emeritus

Tennyson J. Wright, PhD, CRC

Tennyson J. Wright, PhD, CRC

Professor Emeritus