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Nathan Willis, Phd, LMHC

Nathan Willis, Phd, LMHC

Adjunct Faculty


Nathan Willis, Phd, LMHC is a scholar and educator in the field of counseling and counselor education, with a research focus on counselor morality. He holds a Ph.D. in counseling and counselor education from the University of Florida, where he conducted research on the moral decision-making processes of counselors.

Dr. Willis’ primary research interest lies in counselor morality. He aims to explore the ethical decision-making processes and moral foundations that guide counselors in their professional practice. Through his research, he seeks to contribute to a deeper understanding of counselor morality and its relationship to the counseling dynamic.

Dr. Willis completed his academic journey with a Ph.D. in counseling and counselor education from the University of Florida. During his doctoral program, he demonstrated exceptional dedication and a strong commitment to advancing the field of counseling through his research on counselor morality.

He also holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology from North Park University, where he gained a solid foundation in understanding human behavior and psychological processes. This undergraduate education nurtured his interest in counseling and set the stage for his future academic pursuits. He completed his Master’s degree in professional counseling from Southeastern University where he was trained to be a competent counselor. 

Dr. Willis is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida and enjoys working with clients as a private practice owner. He currently teaches for both the University of South Florida and Liberty University as an adjunct instructor. Dr. Willis especially enjoys teaching human sexuality, human growth and development, and ethics. When not working, Dr. Willis can be found spending time with his family, reading, and exploring the outdoors.