Exchange Scholars from National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan Visit USF's Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program

Exchange Scholars from Taiwan

The exchange scholars team members are (English translated name listed first) Sherry (Ru-En Yang), Claire (Hsiang-Chun Wu), Valentino (Yuan-Chun Tu), Jasmine (Wei-Ting Huang) and Eric (Tsung-Chang Shyu).

Five exchange scholars sponsored by the Taiwanese government have been participating in a cultural exchange program this semester at USF. They are students in the Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling at National Changhua University of Education (NCUE) in Taiwan, a partner with the Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling (CRMHC) Program at USF.  

The Rehabilitation Counseling Institute at NCUE is the first local institute aimed at cultivating the development of rehabilitation counseling professionals. It was created to provide training and academic research to enable professionals to increase their expertise, upgrade their service quality, as well as promote equal rights and social opportunities for people with disabilities.

Each exchange scholar has been matched with a CRMHC student to learn more about American culture and the dynamics of rehabilitation and vocational counseling in the United States. They have actively worked as mentors and guest lecturers at The Learning Academy at USF and the Center for Autism & Related Disabilities at USF (CARD-USF) during their time in Florida and have had tours with area agencies including the MacDonald Training Center, England and Associates, Tampa Crossroads, the Glazer Children’s Museum and MOSI Science Museum. They also attended Applied Behavior Analysis classes and a Fulbright Scholar workshop.

The scholars shared they have enjoyed the invaluable chance to visit the state of Florida, its many beaches and national parks —a place they described as “beautiful and having abundant natural resources”.

“A big THANK YOU to all the USF people we have met. We will surely remember your hospitality, kindness, and generosity,” shared the scholars.