Interventions for Health-promotion in Oncology and Obesity in Pediatrics (I-HOPE)

Recent Lab Members

I-Hope Student Recruitment

The I-Hope lab is looking for motivated bilingual (Spanish/English) students interested in working with children and families dealing with health related problems including childhood cancer and obesity. View Flyer.

The I-HOPE lab offers students the opportunity to engage in critically important research which seeks to promote resilience and overall good health among the pediatric as well as adolescent and young adult populations. We run a bilingual lab, as much of our work entails providing interventions in both English and in Spanish.

The lab is made up of undergraduates, masters’ and doctoral students, post-Docs, and Moffitt Cancer Center T-32 and USF postdoctoral fellows. We also partner with other USF faculty members.

Current Members

Note: * Bilingual Team

  • Flandra Ismajli, BSW, BA: NOURISH-T+ Project Coordinator, Research interests: child welfare, juvenile justice, substance abuse education, pediatric health 
  • *Sandra Soca Lozano, MA: Doctoral Candidate, School Psychology, ADAPT+ Project Coordinator . Bilingual Lab Coordinator ,Lead bilingual Spanish Interventionist for full Nourish-T, Research Interests: Pediatric Psychology, Pediatric Health, Behavioral Health, Cancer Treatment and Survivorship, Obesity, Healthy Lifestyles, Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health, Psychological Wellbeing, contact: 
  • Jocelyn Jarvis, BS: NOURISH-T+ Facilitator, Doctoral Student (BCS)
  • Mina Davari, MS: Backup Dietitian; Doctoral Student (BCS)
  • Sahar Heydari, MA: doctoral student (BCS)
  • Dylan Serpas, MS: NOURISH-T+ Facilitator, doctoral student USF Clinical Psychology
  • Hannah Schlichte, BS: Brief NOURISH-T+ Facilitator, completing master's Thesis Graduate Student (CRMHC)
  • *Natalia Nunez Rojas, BA: Brief NOURISH-T+ Facilitator, graduate student in CRMHC
  • Cheyenne Heflin, BA: Brief NOURISH-T+ Facilitator, graduate student in CRMHC
  • *Yusnavi Martinez, BA: Brief NOURISH-T+ Facilitator, graduate student in CRMHC
  • Rachel Sauls, BA, Bs: Data Collection Research Assistant, enrolled in master's program at USF College of Public Health
  • Chase Strelec, BS: Fidelity Assessment
  • *Marco Navarette, BA: Bilingual Data Collection Research Assistant, enrolled in master's program at UCF
  • Undergraduate Research Assistants: *Daniela Guzman-Stacciarini; *Daniela Murillo Mendoza; *Dayana Gutierrez-Sotelo; *Jesly Jimenez; *Jose Pradas; *Kristine Castanon; Natalie Turner

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Nashira Brown, PhD: Moffitt Cancer Center T32 Postdoctoral Fellow 
    Research: Physical activity and exercise among high-risk and vulnerable populations
  • *Risana Chowdhury, PhD: USF Postdoctoral Fellow 
    Research: Biological markers, inflammation, evolution and human health, social determinants of health, stress and resilience, neurodegenerative diseases, DNA methylation as a biological response to the environment 

Recent Alumni

  • Luz Cilis Moxthe, BA, BS:enrolled in University of TN - Knoxville, Phd in clinical psychology
  • Kevin Roman Candelaria, MS: applying to phd programs
  • Sabrina Vazquez Ruiz, BS: enrolled in Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine at Auburn University
  • Sandra Bula, BA: Emory University - doctoral program in clinical psychology
  • Erin M. Brennan, MA: Former NOURISH-T+ Facilitator, doctoral student School Psychology (completing dissertation)
  • Juliana Stevenson: Touro College & University System – medical school