Study Abroad Program

USF Israel Child Behavioral Health and Pediatric Psychology

JUNE 16 - JULY 16, 2019

USF Israel

This program will focus on (a) general psychosocial concerns related to children's health (e.g., health promotion and prevention, adherence to medical regimens, hospitalization experiences), and (b) illness, that is, medical disorders commonly addressed by child behavioral health/pediatric psychologists (e.g., diabetes, cancer, obesity and pain). This course is designed to provide students with a broad overview of the field of Child behavioral Health/Pediatric Psychology. The development of these fields as specialty areas within psychology and behavioral health care as well as the scope of practice within the health care system will be discussed.

This course is intended to be an upper level, special topics seminar for undergraduate students. However, graduate students are welcome to enroll in the class and will be provided with additional readings and a paper assignment to earn graduate credit.

During the program, students will also enjoy daytrips to Jerusalem's Old City, daytrips to Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Yad Vashem to visit the Holocaust Memorial, and day trips to Masada and The Dead Sea.