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Study Abroad Italy 2020

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Florence, Italy
June 28 - August 7, 2020

Target Audience

Undergraduate and graduate students in Psychology, Health Sciences, Behavioral Healthcare, Rehab & Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Sociology, Anthropology, Communication, and related fields. And any others who are interested in better understanding what makes relationships deeper and more intimate.

Course Highlights

  • Why are more people hooking up than ever before, but enjoying it less?
  • What happens in the brain when we are in love and why it is important?
  • What is intimacy, and is it attainable?
  • How does intimacy begin, develop, and how is it sustained throughout life?
  • Is intimacy different in same-sex couples, or not so different?
  • How do healthy couples communicate effectively?
  • What are healthy ways to handle conflicts and disagreements?
  • What goes into attraction, and how does it develop into a healthy, deeper relationship?
  • How can people make long-distance relationships work?
  • Why do people cheat and how can infidelity be repaired?
  • Can open relationships work?

The science behind these issues and many more will be addressed through lecture, discussion, readings and videos.

For additional information and to register, contact:

Rick Weinberg, PhD