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Congratulations 2023 CRMHC Graduates!

2023 CRMHC Grads

Congratulations to the 2023 CRMHC graduates who completed a 2-and-half-year 60-credit hour master’s program with a 900-hours field work in the community!

The 2023 graduate cohort from the Clinical Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling (CRMHC) Master's Program is not a typical cohort, according to CRMHC Program Director and Professor Chih-Chin Chou. "They were very ambitious and always found ways to take advantage of all the opportunities we offer at USF to shine," said Professor Chou.

Among the graduates, six completed an additional marriage and family therapy certificate, five completed an addictions and substance abuse counseling certificate. Two students received RSA training sholarships from the Department of Education, ten completed BHWET training scholarships from the Department of Health. In addition, two students completed a thesis, and 4 passed their national certified rehabilitation counselor exam.

"These accomplishments do not come naturally," said Professor Chou at the recent convocation to celebrate the graduates. "I want to make a point that we are not here to just celebrate their accomplishments, but also acknowledge the tears and perspiration that accompany them during the past two years. They have been challenged, made to feel vulnerable, exposed weakness in front of peers and faculty in role plays, class discussion, or tape reviews. But they did it. They accomplished this journey and are ready to travel to the next bigger one. Congratulations and well done!"

2023 CRMHC Graduates

Caitlin Adcock**
Amanda Aversa
Olivia Bell
Allie Bokuniewicz**
Emily Campbell
Aaron Collier**
Roman Fox**
Dino Geracci, Jr*
Sarai Guerrero
Holli Gotsis
Maria Gutierrez
Maria Gutierrez Lopez**
Sydney Hart

Nura Jandali
Sheeba Kadiwala
Rachel Kollar*
Monica Lamie**
Kandace Luther
Kayley Mount**
Maryana Ostapenko
Elodia Rappa
Kristina Saraceno**
Hannah Schlichte
Ayla Terrusa**
Kaylie Thompson**
Alyssa Wence

*RSA Scholar

**BHWET Scholar