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CFS Research Professor Heather Peshak George Develops Behavior Management Guides for Education Hub in New Zealand

The Education Hub of New Zealand

The Education Hub of New Zealand's resource page on classroom behavior management.

CFS Research Professor Heather Peshak George recently developed 7 resource guides on behavior management for a non-profit education group, The Education Hub in New Zealand.

“The Education Hub founder contacted me after she had accessed some products posted on our National Center on PBIS of which I am Co-PI and Co-Director,” said Professor Peshak George. “Their mission is to improve opportunities and outcomes for students in New Zealand by bridging the gap between research and teaching.”

The Education Hub provides teachers with easy access to research taking place in universities so they can use it in the classroom to inform their teaching practice. They also support teachers to identify, capture and share innovative practices so that everyone can benefit.

The guides include:

Two long guides on classroom management:

  1. An overview of the key principles of classroom management
  2. What is needed for effective management in my classroom?

Five short guides on the evidence-based practices for classroom management: 

  1. Maximise structure
  2. Teaching expectations, routines and classroom procedures
  3. Active student and teacher engagement
  4. Acknowledging appropriate behaviour
  5. Responding to inappropriate behaviour