Faculty & Staff


The Rightpath team has extensive expertise in the foundational roles of language, literacy and mathematics development in early childhood. They have previously collaborated on projects that have yielded countless assessment tools and are well-positioned to address home, school, and community assessment needs.

NEW course offering this Fall!

Students from ALL majors who are looking to gain hands-on experience with research in a collaborative interdisciplinary team approach are welcome to take IDS 2600: Applications of Research in Community Settings.

Rightpath Faculty:


Jason Anthony, PhD

Jason Anthony, Ph.D., Ed.S.

Professor and Rightpath Director

Maria Carlo, PhD

Maria Carlo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Matthew Foster, PhD

Matthew Foster, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Trina Spencer, PhD

Trina D. Spencer, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Associate Professor

Jeffrey Williams, PhD

Jeffrey M. Williams, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor


Rightpath Staff:

Sabrinia Burns, B.S.

Sabrinia Burns, BS, CRA_USF/Advanced

Social & Behavioral Research Coordinator

Weiliang Cen

Weiliang Cen, MPH

Statistical Data Analyst

Courtney Claar, BAS

Courtney Claar, BAS

Social & Behavioral Research Specialist

Anna Garcia

Anna Garcia, Ph.D.

Rightpath Researcher

Dawn Grossman

Dawn Grossman, Ed.S.

Community Liaison

Elizabeth Ingram

Elizabeth Ingram, MBA, CRA-USF/Advanced

Manager, Fiscal and Business Administration

Brandon Lemanski, B.S.

Brandon Lemanski, BS, CRA_USF/Advanced

Unit Research Administrator

Claudia Millar

Claudia Millar, MPH

Training Coordinator

Denise Young

Denise Young, MA

Social & Behavioral Researcher

Rightpath Research support:

J Barreto

Jennifer Barreto, MEd

Data Collection Specialist

D Brown

Debra A. Brown, PhD

Research Data Specialist

E De Los Santos

Evelyn De Los Santos, MS

Data Collection Specialist

M Gallisa

Marisol Gallisa, BA

Data Collection Specialist

 S Hernandez

Aleida Sierra-Hernandez, BA

Data Collection Specialist

K Lee

Kimberly Lee

Data Collection Specialist

L Monkarsh

Leslie Monkarsh

Data Collection Specialist

S Troncozo

Solange Troncozo

Student Research Assistant

Rightpath Graduate Research Assistants:

Noe Alonzo Erazo, MA

Noé Alonzo Erazo, M.A.

Graduate Research Associate

Megan Sullivan Kirby

Megan Sullivan Kirby, M.Ed., BCBA

Graduate Research Associate

Sandra Soca

Sandra Soca Lozano, M.S.

Graduate Research Assistant

Yue Yin

Yue Yin

Graduate Research Assistant

 Post-doctoral Researcher

Yi-Jui “Iva” Chen

Yi-Jui “Iva” Chen, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher