About Us

Our Team

Bolesta Center Clinical Staff

Our Speech Language Pathologist has participated in extensive training and receives continued mentoring from a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist and certified Auditory Verbal therapist. 


Gabrielle Larrea, MA, CCC-SLP, Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist

Bolesta Center Administrator

Our administrator is a Speech Language Pathologist with more than a decade of experience working with children with hearing loss and a parent of a child with hearing loss. Teresa works with families of children with hearing loss providing direct intervention and parent coaching in homes and via telehealth to encourage a home environment that facilitates listening and spoken language development.

Bolesta Center Administrative Team

Our Client Services Assistants (CSAs) work with patients to verify benefits and schedule appointments. The CSAs also partner with our Financial Specialist to manage insurance billing and patient accounts.

Bolesta Center Collaborators

Our Speech Language Pathologists work closely with Audiologists in the USF Hearing Clinic, local Otolaryngologists, and Early Steps caseworkers and Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in multiple counties and school districts in the Tampa Bay Area to provide an interdisciplinary approach to evaluation and treatment for all patients.