About Us

Organization, Mission, and Vision

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What is the Bolesta Center at USF?

Housed in the department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, the Bolesta Center is a non-profit center for listening and spoken language excellence across the lifespan. We work with individuals, from newborns to retirees, to solve their communication challenges caused by hearing loss.



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Our Mission

The mission of the Bolesta Center is to enable individuals of all ages who have hearing loss to reach their full listening and spoken language potential and to support individuals with auditory processing disorder by teaching them listening and speaking skills.



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Our Vision

All individuals with hearing loss will be identified early, patients and families will have access to medical and educational resources, and our Listening and Spoken Language therapists will provide an encouraging and enriching, family-centered therapeutic environment to facilitate spoken language.



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Evidence-Based Practice

Research shows individuals born with and who acquire hearing loss can develop listening and speaking skills similar to peers with normal hearing. Success requires early detection of hearing loss, consistent use of hearing technology, attendance to auditory verbal therapy (AVT), and daily adherence to AVT principles.