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Gerald C. Imaezue, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 

Office: PCD 4010
Phone: 813-974-2464

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Dr. Imaezue is a neuroscientist and speech language pathologist with primary interests in aphasiology, translational neuroscience and language neuroscience. He completed his MPhil. and Ph.D. at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. In his Ph.D. dissertation, he developed recursive functional learning, a learning mechanism which he used to underpin a novel automated recursive self-feedback procedure he developed for self-recovery of spoken language performance in patients with nonfluent aphasia due to stroke. Dr. Imaezue joined the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at University of South Florida in 2023 as an Assistant Professor and director of the Brain and Aphasia Research Laboratory. Our lab’s goal is to understand the neurocognitive mechanisms of self- and clinician-directed language performance in aphasia and related neurological disorders.  In pursuit of our goal, we develop tools and apply neuroscience, behavioral and computational techniques to understand these neurocognitive underpinnings under different conditions in clinical and neurotypical populations. Our research has practical application for personalized interventions, especially digital therapeutics, that circumvent linguistic barriers and facilitate accessibility to treatment of communication disorders.

Ph.D. (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences)  The Graduate Center, City University of New York 2023
MPhil. (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences)  The Graduate Center, City University of New York 2021
M.Ed. (Distinction: Audiology and Speech Pathology)  University of Ibadan 2015
B.Ed. (First Class Honors: Special Education with a major in Audiology and Speech Pathology, and Political Science)  University of Ibadan 2012


SPA 6410.901| Aphasia and Related Disorders

Recent Scholarly Activity

  • Bishop, J., Chen, Z., Antolovic, K., Grebe, L., Hwang, K., H., Imaezue, G…..Zhang, S. (2021). Brief Report: Autistic traits predict spectral correlates of vowel intelligibility for female speakers. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 52, 2344-2349. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10803-021-05087-5
  • Imaezue, G.C.., Tchernichovski, O. and Goral, M. (in press). Recursive self-feedback improved speech fluency in two patients with chronic nonfluent aphasia. Aphasiology.
  • Imaezue, G.C., Tchernichovski, O., Obler, L. and Goral, M. (2023). Effect of recursive self-feedback on spoken language performance in nonfluent aphasia: A replication study. NIDCD-RSCA platform presentation delivered at the 52nd Clinical Aphasiology Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • Imaezue, G.C. and Goral, M. (2022). Toward self-regulated learning in aphasia rehabilitation.  PsyArXiv, https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/7rxme
  • Imaezue G.C., Tchernichovski O. & Goral, M. (2021). Automated verbal self-feedback for improving speech fluency in patients with mild chronic nonfluent aphasia. The 59th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Aphasia.
  • Imaezue G.C., Tchernichovski O., Gorman, K. & Goral, M. (2021). A machine learning approach to posttreatment follow-up in aphasia rehabilitation: A preliminary report. The 15th Annual Eleanor M. Saffran Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience and Rehabilitation of Communication Disorders, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.