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maxfield, nathaniel

Maxfield, Nathaniel, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Associate Professor

Phone: 813.974.6190
Office: PCD 4013

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Dr. Maxfield’s research centers on the cognitive neuroscience of speech and language, with emphasis on the application of event-related potentials to study language processing in stuttering. Another line of research examines the oral comprehension of imperfect and degraded sentences. Dr. Maxfield has also collaborated on projects with central auditory processing, addiction, aging, reading, or bilingualism themes.

Ph.D. (Speech and Hearing Science) City University of New York 2005
M.S. (Speech-Language) Pathology University of South Florida 1998
B.S. (Communication Sciences and Disorders) University of South Florida 1997


  • SPA 6225 | Fluency
  • SPA 6232 | Neuromotor Disorders of Speech


Recent Scholarly Activity

  • Lister, J., Maxfield, N.D., & Gonzalez, V. (accepted for publication in Fall 2010). Age-related auditory temporal resolution deficits: Neural manifestations. International Journal of Audiology.
  • Maxfield, N.D., Huffman, J., Frisch, S., & Hinckley, J. (2010). Neural correlates of semantic activation spreading on the path to picture naming in adults who stutter. Clinical Neurophysiology, 121, 1447-1463.
  • Maxfield, N.D., Lyon, J.M., & Silliman, E.R. (2009). Disfluencies along the garden path: Brain electrophysiological evidence of disrupted sentence processing. Brain and Language, 111, 86-100.
  • Evans, D.E., Park, J. Y., Maxfield, N., & Drobes, D.J. (published online October 2008, appeared in print January 2009). Neurocognitive variation in smoking behavior: Genetic and affective moderators. Genes, Brain, & Behavior, 8(1), 89-96.
  • Lister J.J., Maxfield N.D., Pitt G.J. (2007). Cortical evoked response to gaps in noise: Within-channel and across-channel conditions. Ear & Hearing, 28, 862-878.
  • Blumenthal, P., Bradley, P., Britt, T., Cohen, J., Maxfield, N., McCubbin, J., Michael, E., Moore, P., Obler, L., Pilcher, J., Signorelli, T., Wallsten, T. (2006). Stress effects on bilingual language-professionals’ performance. International Journal of Bilingualism, 10(4), 477-495.
  • Hestvik, A., Maxfield, N., Schwartz, R., Shafer, V. (2006). Brain responses to filled gaps. Brain and Language, 100(3), 301-316.