Diversity & Inclusion Committee

About Us

The College of Behavioral & Community Sciences (CBCS) acknowledges the uniqueness of all individuals, their commonalities as well as differences, all of which have shaped their lives in meaningful ways. Diversity is demonstrated by appreciating all members of the university community. It embraces uniqueness, similarities, and differences.

Diversity initiatives strengthen the university community and demonstrate USF's commitment to "touching lives and improving the world". With that in mind, the Diversity & Inclusion Workgroup was established in 2015 through the CBCS Faculty Council to identify and address needs within the college. The workgroup was comprised of faculty and staff who shared an interest in promoting appreciation and understanding of diversity amongst co-workers, students, clients, constituents, and community partners.

In 2015, the workgroup developed and administered a climate survey for the faculty and staff of the college. The results can be found here.

The following year, the workgroup developed and administered a similar survey for the students of the college. The results can be found here. In addition, subcommittees were formed in 2016 and CBCS faculty and staff began addressing the needs of the college.

In 2017, the workgroup became an official committee by majority vote of the Faculty Council.