Undergraduate Research Opportunities


Summer Research Institute

Florida Mental Health Institute

The SRI@FMHI program involves Remote Learning (also known as Online Learning, Distance Learning, Virtual Instruction, or Remote Training). Therefore, it is expected that all participants have access to the appropriate technology to complete the program. Appropriate technology includes, but may not be limited to: computer (desktop, laptop tablets), video capability (web camera), audio capability (microphone, speakers, headset, headphones, etc.), and Internet access. Please note, the SRI@FMHI program intended to be delivered via a hybrid model (Remote Learning and In-Person Instruction), beginning with 5-weeks of Remote Leaning followed by 6-weeks of on-campus learning experience in Tampa, FL. The Program Directors reserve the right to deliver the entire 11-week SRI program via Remote Learning should Federal, State, Local, or University policies prevent the on-campus learning experience.

The SRI@FMHI consists of four components: an independent research project conducted with guidance from a distinguished faculty mentor; research seminars; professional development seminars; and skill-building workshops. The research seminars will complement the research that students are conducting with their faculty mentors. Throughout the 11-week period, students will work intensively with faculty mentors on their research projects. In addition, students will gain experience with research ethics and IRB practices. Students will be required to write a research report describing their research project, present the report at a Research Symposium and Poster Session, and submit the completed paper for consideration at an Undergraduate Research Conference or Symposium. Because of the insensity of the summer program, students must participate on a full-time basis and may not be employed or attend other classess during the 11-weeks program.

The current application period for Summer 2021 is open until April 04, 2021.