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Biesen, Judith, PhD 




Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: (813) 974-6783
Office: MHC 2633
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Curriculum Vitae

Judith N. Biesen, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Mental Health Law & Policy at the University of South Florida. She earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Notre Dame and completed a clinical internship at the Southwest Consortium in Albuquerque, followed by a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of New Mexico Hospitals. Her research focuses on the use of a wide range of methodological approaches (e.g., survey, observation, daily diary) to understand the processes that underlie the co-occurrence of relationship dysfunction (e.g., verbal and physical aggression, relationship dissolution) and behavioral health challenges in underserved populations as well as the contexts within which they co-occur and that contribute to their co-occurrence. This includes the impact of sexual and gender minority stress among LGBTQIA persons, cognitive decline among older adults, personality, and social support networks/greater contexts (e.g., neighborhood quality) in which people are more likely to experience relationship distress or mental health problems and are more likely to use substances. The goal of her research is the translation of the knowledge gained from this basic research into effective interventions that focus on prevention and treatment to improve both intra- and interpersonal outcomes among marginalized and underserved persons.

Dr. Biesen is a licensed, clinical psychologist in the State of Florida. Her teaching interests focus on clinical skills and applied work in behavioral health settings, couple/family relationships, statistics/methods. 


2019 - Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology - University of Notre Dame
2012 - M.A. in Psychology - University of the Pacific
2009 - B.G.S. in Human Services - University of Connecticut

Research Interests

  • Mechanisms that underlie Relationship Distress and Psychopathology
  • Correlates of Relationship Functioning and Substance Use
  • Specific Focus on Underserved Populations: LGBTQ, Geriatric, Substance Use
  • Development of Preventative and Mitigative Interventions
  • Longitudinal Methodology to Assess Trajectories of Individual and Interpersonal Functioning

Recent Publications

Biesen, J.N., Orban, D., Ford, T., Lentsch, J., Balch, T., Frost, M., Fink, B.C. (2022). Contributions of Demand/Withdraw Processes and Alcohol Consumption on Emotional Flooding in Distressed Violent versus Distressed Non-Violent Couples. Journal of Family Violence. doi: 10.1007/s10896-022-00419-0

Biesen, J.N. & Smith, D.A. (2022). Daily Relationship Satisfaction and Depressive Symptoms: The Moderating Roles of Support Quality and Support Over- and Underprovision. Journal of Family Psychology. doi: 10.1037/fam0000998

Biesen, J.N., Roddy, M.K., & Doss, B.D. (2022).  The Role of Five-Factor Model Personality Traits in a Web-Based Relationship Improvement Program. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice. doi: 10.1037/cfp0000221

Sosa-Lowry, L., Jensen, S.A., & Biesen, J.N. (2017). Low Socioeconomic Status and Ethnicity do not predict Dropout of Behavioral Parent Training. Journal of Behavior, 2, 1015-1019

Jensen, S.A., Biesen, J.N., Graham, E. (2017). A meta-analytic review of play therapy with emphasis on outcome measures. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 48, 390-400. doi: 10.1037/pro0000148

Biesen, J.N., Schooler, D.E., & Smith, D.A. (2016). What a difference a pronoun makes: I/we versus you/me and worried couples’ perceptions of their interaction quality. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 35, 180-205. doi: 10.1177/0261927X15583114