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Epps, James, PhD

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Title: Associate Professor
Office: MHC 2638
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Recent Publications

Wright, L.Y. & Epps, J. (2016). BackPacks: A Program Improving Children’s Readiness to Learn and Family Food Security. Submitted to Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition. Status: revised and Resubmitted.

Keene, A. & Epps, J. (2015). Shame and narcissistic vulnerability in adults with histories of childhood maltreatment. Child Abuse and Neglect, 51, 276-283, doi:10.1016/j.chiabu.2015.09.012.

Wright, L., Vance L., Sudduth, C., & Epps, J. (2015). The Impact of a home-delivered meal program on nutritional risk, dietary intake, food security, loneliness and social well-being. Journal of Nutrition in Gerontology and Geriatrics, 34(2), 218-227.

Wright, L, & Epps, J. (2013). Relationship Between Childhood Obesity and Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Availability in African American Children from Food Insecure Families. Status: Accepted by the Journal of Nutrition Education.

Manuscripts Submitted: Carter*, S., Crabtree*, N., & Epps, J. (2013). Age of onset of childhood physical abuse: Implications for adult anger/aggression. Manuscript submitted to the Universal Journal of Psychology.

Wright, L, & Epps, J. (2013). Summative Evaluation of a Malnutrition Program for children in the Dominican Republic. Manuscript submitted to the Universal Journal of Public Health.

E Renk, K., Phares, V., & Epps, J. (1999). The relationship between parental anger and behavior problems in children and adolescents. Journal of Family Psychology, 13(2), 209-227.

Manuscripts in progress:

Roberts-Sandoval*, A., Houston*, S., & Epps, J. (2013). Childhood Physical abuse and adult anger expression: The role of attributed hostility. Epps, J., & Tannenbaum*, L. (2013). Distorted attributions moderate the relationship between repeated aversive events and anger.