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Green, Ohad, PhD, MSW

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Title: Fulbright Research Scholar
Office: MHC P2632C
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Curriculum Vitae

Ohad Green, PhD, MSW, is a Social Worker and a Fulbright Research Scholar in the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy at the Louis De La Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, University of South Florida.

Dr. Ohad Green holds a BA (cum laude), MA (cum laude) and a Ph.D. in Social-Work from Bar-Ilan University. His research areas are trauma, violence, life transition, and migration. His primary focus is families of temporary migrants - asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers, whom he worked in the past at the “MESILA” aid organization. His MA thesis dealt with the psychological adjustment of youth after the Second Lebanon War. His PhD dissertation, which was supervised by Prof. Liat Ayalon, dealt with exposure of migrant home care workers to abuse and violence and their willingness to report victimization. The findings of his dissertation were presented at three international conferences and awarded him a special prize from the Association of Labor Relations.

On 2016 He joined forces with Prof. Amber Gum from USF to implement a newly developed behavioral intervention for migrant home care workers that live with older adults. Another project was exploring the quality of services of the county's senior connection center.

On 2017, As a postdoctoral fellow of the Haruv Institute at the University of Oxford, Ohad joined a research group led by Prof. Lucie Cluver, who is developing an international intervention program to prevent violence against children. He is now developing a local version of the program in order to implement it with families of migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers - especially among those headed by an independent parent.

On 2018, after winning the Fulbright Scholar fellowship, he returned to USF in order to develop the CARE2 program - an online behavioral intervention which aims to reduce the sense of burden, depression and suicidal thoughts of migrant home care workers and their care recipients.


BA - Bar Ilan University, Israel
MA - Bar Ilan University, Israel
PhD - Bar Ilan University, Israel

Current Research Project

The CARE2 program - online intervention to improve the quality of life of migrant home care workers and the older adults under their care.

Recent Publications

Green, O., Gum, A. & Ayalon., L (In Press). Should I’ve stayed or should I’ve went? What residents of Continuing Care Retirement Communities and former candidates think and feel one year after their decision? A longitudinal comparison. Ageing and Society.

Tal, R., Tal, K. & Green, O. (In press). The contribution of child-parent relationship therapy to the well being of non-abusive parents and sexually abused children. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.

Green, O. & Ayalon, L. (In press). Home is where my couch is: Household Disbandment during the transition to continuing care retirement community. Qualitative Health Research.

Green, O. & Ayalon, L. (In press). Violations of workers’ rights and exposure to work-related abuse among live-in migrant and live-out Israeli home care workers: Implications for social workers. Journal of Health Policy Research.

Green, O. & Ayalon, L. (2017). The contribution of migration, working conditions and care recipient characteristics to work-related abuse of migrant home care workers. Employee relations, 37, 1-14.

Ayalon, L., Lev, S., Green, O. & Nevo, U. (2017). A systematic review and meta-analysis of interventions designed to prevent or stop elder maltreatment. Age and Ageing, 45, 216-227.

Green, O. & Ayalon L. (2016). Whom do migrant home care workers contact in the case of work-related abuse? An exploratory study of help-seeking behaviours. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 31, 3236-3256 (IF: 1.16 ; 5-Year IF: 2.190; rank 19/40 in Family studies, Q2) DOI: 10.1177/ 0886260515584347

Green, O. & Ayalon L. (2015). Improving the Cooperation Rate of Older Adults and Their Caregivers in Research Surveys. Gerontology. DOI:10.1159/00036616

Ayalon L & Green, O.(2015). A Typology of New Residents’ Adjustment to the Continuing Care Retirement Community. The Gerontologist. DOI: 10.1159/000366161

Green, O. & Ayalon L. (2015). Whose right is it anyway? Familiarity with workers’ rights among older adults, family caregivers and migrant live-in home care workers: implications for policy and practice Educational Gerontology. DOI: 10.1080/03601277.2014.990747

Ayalon, L. & Green, O. (2014). Live-in vs. live-out home care in Israel: Satisfaction with services and caregivers’ outcomes. The Gerontologist. DOI:10.1093/geront/gnt122

Lavi, T., Green, O., & Dekel, R. (2013). The contribution of personal and exposure characteristics to the adjustment of adolescents following war. Journal of Adolescence, 36, 21-30.

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Green, O. (2007). The therapist as a father figure for a father-absent adolescent. In Y. Grimland., K. Libshitz & M. Steiner (Eds.), Adolescents Therapy (pp. 202-218, Vol. 5). Bat-Yam: Ministry of social affairs and social services. (Hebrew).