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Johnson, Kimberly A., PhD

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Title: Research Associate Professor
Phone: (813) 974-4430
Office: MHC2737
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Curriculum Vitae

Kimberly A. Johnson, Ph. D., is a research associate professor in the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy at the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences at USF.

Dr. Johnson earned her PhD in population health from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her research has focused on quality improvement and implementation science in behavioral health. She has received funding by NIDA, AHRQ, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the California Endowment to study adoption of process improvement practices, adoption of medication assisted treatment in addiction treatment programs, adoption of other evidence based practices and the barriers and facilitators of change. Her interest in the intersection of research and quality improvement has led to her use of large data sets to identify targets for improvement at the system, provider organization and individual patient levels.

Her research has also involved the use of technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness in patient care and to improve the adoption and utilization of evidence based treatments and she has received funding from NIDA, NIMH and AHRQ for these projects.

From 2018-2022, Dr. Johnson also served as the executive director of the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction, a newly formed international membership organization for universities with addiction studies programs. She was the director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, part of the Department of Health and Human Services for the U.S. government where she helped develop the department’s opioid strategy and managed the country’s three billion dollar substance abuse treatment budget.

She has worked as an associate scientist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where her projects included acting as the co-director of the national coordinating office of the Addiction Technology Transfer Centers (ATTC)and as co-deputy director of NIATx in addition to the previously mentioned research projects. She has also served as the state of Maine single state authority for substance abuse, and as the executive director of a substance abuse treatment agency. In her early career, Dr. Johnson was a child and family therapist and managed treatment and prevention programs.

Dr. Johnson’s dedication and contributions to the behavioral health field earned her numerous awards and she is a highly-regarded thought leader. She has authored a variety of publications on topics important to addiction and recovery including co-authoring a chapter on quality in the ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine text and a book: The NIATx Model: Process Improvement in Behavioral Health.


  • PhD Population Health, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • MBA, University of Southern Maine
  • MSEd Counselor Education, University of Southern Maine
  • AB Biology, Smith College

Research Interests

  • Quality Improvement in behavioral health
  • Quality Measurement
  • Systems design
  • Implementation Science
  • Technology adoption by behavioral health patients and providers
  • Impact of technology on efficiency and effectiveness of care

Recent Publications

Compton, W. M., Han, B., Blanco, C., Johnson, K., & Jones, C. M. (2018). Prevalence and Correlates of Prescription Stimulant Use, Misuse, Use Disorders, and Motivations for Misuse Among Adults in the United States. American Journal of Psychiatry. DOI: 10.1176/appi.ajp.2018.17091048

Blanco, C., Compton, W., Han, B., Jones, C., & Johnson, K. (2018). Prevalence and Correlates of Benzodiazepine Use, Misuse, and Use Disorders Among Adults in the US.  NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY (Vol. 43, pp. S638-S638). doi.org/10.4088/jcp.18m12174

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Johnson, K., Rigg, K. K., & Eyles, C. H. (2020). Receiving addiction treatment in the US: Do patient demographics, drug of choice, or substance use disorder severity matter?. International Journal of Drug Policy, 75, 102583. DOI: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2019.10.009

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