The Florida page of this website provides resources for CJMHSA Reinvestment applicants and grantees.  These resources are specific to Florida (grantee applications, legislation, policies, etc.).  For funding opportunities (Florida specific as well as federal and private), please refer to the "News & Events" section of the website. 

Here is a sample of what you can find in this section of the website.

  • The most recent DCF Request for Applications (RFA) of the CJMHSA Reinvestment Grant Program
  • Current and past CJMHSA Reinvestment Program grantee applications
  • CJMHSA TAC quarterly reports
  • CJMHSA TAC presentations
  • CJMHSA TAC annual legislative reports
  • CJMHSA TAC quarterly updates (conference call and webinar materials)
  • Florida state agency maps (regions, districts, etc.)
  • Florida legislative updates
  • Florida-specific documents (e.g., Florida Baker Act data, 2016 Report to the Florida DCF in Response to the Governor's Executive Order 15-175, Florida county-level evaluations)