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Learning Academy Services launches two educational opportunities for individuals with autism and other disabilities

Learning Academy Services

Learning Academy Services (LAS) is pleased to announce the launch of two unique educational opportunities for individuals with autism and other disabilities. LAS has partnered with Automation Anywhere to bring Robotics Process Automation (RPA) credentialing training to USF. There's a growing demand for RPA professionals who are certified and experienced in software platforms such as Automation Anywhere.

This unique partnership offers persons with autism and related disabilities the opportunity to gain two industry recognized certifications making them in demand candidates in Tampa's ever growing tech hub. In addition to offering RPA training, LAS also joined forces with MacDonald Training Center to create Tech2Work; a post-secondary program that serves as an alternative to a college degree in technology for students with disabilities. At the end of the 12 month program, students can obtain up to four industry recognized certifications in IC3 and RPA, qualifying them for an array of competitive employment in the tech industry. All programming is adapted to the learning style of our student population.

These two new programs further support FCIC's missions to enhance the lifestyles of individuals with disabilities and continue CBCS' trajectory of providing the most innovative, evidence based solutions to problems that plague underserved communities. 

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