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Aging studies PhD student gives keynote lecture at Moffitt Cancer Center conference

Christina Mu presents at Moffitt Cancer Center

Christina Mu presents at Moffitt Cancer Center's 2022 EPB/PI/Research Day.

Christina Mu, a PhD student in the School of Aging Studies and a lab manager of the Sleep, Stress, and Health (STEALTH) Lab, presented at Moffitt Cancer Center's 2022 EPB/PI/Research Day in April. The STEALTH Lab was invited to give the keynote lecture that opened the conference, and Mu's presentation was titled “Sleep Health in Nurses: Strategies for Optimizing Your Sleep.” The purpose of her presentation was to discuss the consequences of sleep, research on sleep, findings from the STEALTH Lab, and best practices for improving one’s sleep.

"I discussed the alarming rates at which healthcare workers report and experience poor sleep, and the consequences of poor sleep (e.g., higher likelihood of medical errors, increased risk of automobile accidents from falling asleep at the wheel, higher risk of poor health conditions including increased risk of morbidity and mortality)," said Mu.

Christina Mu presents at Moffitt Cancer CenterChristina Mu speaks to attendees of Moffitt's conference.

The majority of Mu's presentation focused on the results from five studies that the STEALTH Lab published using data from its collaboration with Moffitt. In those studies, they found daily associations between sleep and numerous factors, such as physical pain, stress, and perceived cognition.

"This was such a wonderful opportunity to discuss the importance of sleep health, research in sleep, STEALTH Lab findings, and best practices to improve sleep health," said Mu.

Approximately 75 nurses from the three Moffitt locations attended the event. Objectives of the event were to disseminate EBP/PI/Research project findings in the oncology setting and list effective self-care strategies to support oncology nurse well-being.

More recently, Mu's research, which she conducted with Assistant Professor and PI Soomi Lee, PhD, titled "The moderating role of trait and state mindfulness between daily sleep and physical pain symptoms: an ecological momentary assessment and actigraphy study," was published in Psychology & Health.

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