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School of Aging Studies hosts distinguished lecturer

Orfeu Buxton

Buxton's presentation was part of the Distinguished Lectureship in Aging series hosted by the USF School of Aging Studies.

Orfeu M. Buxton, PhD, director of the Sleep, Health & Society Collaboratory at Penn State and second editor-in-chief of Sleep Health, was presented with a plaque of appreciation for his outstanding leadership and scholarship benefiting older adults from the School of Aging Studies. Assistant Professor Soomi Lee, PhD presented him with the award, as he served as her mentor when she was a postdoctoral scholar at Penn State.

Buxton visited USF last week to present “Sleep Health for Successful Cardiovascular and Cognitive Aging: Findings from the Sleep, Health & Society Collaboratory” as part of the School of Aging Studies and Florida Policy and Exchange Center on Aging Distinguished Lecture series. Buxton's research focuses on the social epidemiology and public health aspects of sleep. At the end of his presentation he offered multiple tips for healthy sleep, including getting as much light as you can during the day, exercising regularly, and setting an enjoyable bedtime routine with limited screens.

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